Free Flash Player

About Free Flash Player

Free Flash Player can be used to play anything rendered in Flash. It looks and feels like any lightweight media player, but it only accepts files in Flash (.flv) format. Its compact user interface presents only a small number of controls. You can load a file, play it, pause or stop and change the volume on the fly.

Flash videos can be loaded through a standard browsing option. Additionally, the software lets you compile a playlist on a separate window. Here you can add files just like on the main interface or by simply dragging and dragging them directly over the playlist. You can move them up and down to arrange them in a particular order and you can use back and forward buttons, on the main interface, to jump from one file to another. The software can play each file automatically, in order, but it is also possible to shuffle them.

It's worth mentioning that Free Flash Player is a particularly comfortable application. Its controls are highly responsive and this allows you to do everything quickly and effortlessly. Furthermore, the player doesn't ask for a significant amount of memory or processing power, which makes it ideal whenever you need to play a Flash file.

Free Flash Player Features

Clean and simple functionality

From importing and playing files to creating and managing a playlist, everything can be done with only a few clicks.

Use friendly design

All controls are easy to spot and you can master them in no time. Even if you start the application for the first time, you won't spend more than a second looking for the options you need.

Playlist editor

If you have multiple Flash videos which you like to play regularly, you can add them to a playlist and arrange them in a certain order.

Speed controls

Loaded videos can be played normally, but you can also increase and decrease the speed.

Modest requirements

The application doesn't use a significant amount of memory or processing power. You can have it up and running, even on older machines, in less than a minute.